Parent Enrichment Workshops

We offer one  complimentary parent workshop for schools. Please contact us for more detail.

  • ​We are educators that have a conceptual understanding of State and Federal learning targets of what children are expected to know from the "Cradle to College".

  • ​We use research based, fun, engaging, and innovative facilitation approaches to help parents understand where they fit in the equation to positively impact their child academic success.

  • ​Our workshops are customized to the needs of your school improvement plan for parental involvement.


  • ​All parent workshops are accompanied with a workbook aligned to National Standards for Family and Student Partnerships and the United States Department of Education Family Engagement Capacity Building Framework.

  • ​All workshops are catered with meals.

  • ​Our workshop series normally occur on Saturday mornings and include raffles and cash prizes for parents.


  • ​We offer FREE childcare and FREE tutoring services for kids while their parents attend our workshops.


  • Our workshops are facilitated by certified teachers, licensed counselors and social workers, therapist, corporate professionals, and retired administrators who have a strong commitment to empowering, guiding, and serving parents.

​Why Us:

There is a strong correlation between parental involvement and student achievement.

Parents as Partners: The missing piece in the proficiency puzzle.